The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Poitiers centre's experimental schemes

The INRAE Nouvelle-Aquitaine Poitiers centre manages several experimental platforms open to scientific and agricultural partners. They address research issues relating to sustainable agriculture with a focus on relationships between agriculture and the environment. Some are part of national or European networks.

Five systems experiments to meet the challenges of sustainable agriculture

Of all the centre's experimental schemes, five leverage a “systems” approach applying the principles of agroecology to design and evaluate the technical, economic and environmental performance of cattle, goat, pig and poultry farming systems, including in organic agriculture.

  • Alteravi: a platform for alternative poultry farming dedicated to the study of poultry farming systems with access to outdoor runs with grasslands or trees (AB certified)
  • Patuchev: a scheme for studying farming systems for grass-fed goats
  • Oasys: a scheme for designing, evaluating and modelling an innovative water- and energy-efficient dairy cattle system resilient to climate change
  • Transi’marsh: a full-scale experiment to design and evaluate a suckler cow farming system producing and developing wetland plant biodiversity (AB certified)
  • Porganic: a scheme to remove technical barriers in organic pig production.

Three of these experiments are dedicated to organic agriculture:

  • Alteravi for broiler chickens in outdoor runs;
  • Porganic for pigs;
  • Transi’marsh for suckler cows in wetlands.

Other platforms at the service of research

  • SOERE-ACBB: observation and experimentation system for environmental research (SOERE) into sown grasslands
  • Ecobee: scheme for observing bees in open environments
  • PEA: INRAE's animal experimentation platform for pigs
  • Sensory analysis laboratory for testing the quality of meat, eggs and delicatessen meat
  • CRB: Biological Resource Centre for forage and lawn grass species
  • Siclex: extreme climate simulator