02 11 September 2021 Ended


IUCN World Conservation Congress

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the French government are organising a hybrid in-person and virtual World Conservation Congress, in Marseille.

illustration IUCN World Conservation Congress

The alarming pace of erosion of biodiversity is endangering life on earth and calls for global action. This loss  is in great part linked to human activities and is exacerbated by the effects of climate change.  Along with the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) of the United Nations in spring 2022, the World Conservation Congress is set to provide a framework for action in order to reverse this loss.

Due to the pandemic, the Union finalised its programme for 2021-2024 over the last 2 years, through online discussions and e-vote between its members. However, the Congress in Marseille will be a unique opportunity, creating a space for sharing knowledge, experience, and  know-how, as well as debating solutions. Engaging with a wide variety of actors, governments, institutions and the civil society are brought together to discuss how to better preserve nature and understand the solutions it provides to protect life on earth.

The event is in 3 parts: 

INRAE participates in the Congress

Science plays a key role in providing scientific-based knowledge and sharing expertise with public policy makers. INRAE, as a national public institution with an integrated approach to agriculture, food and the environment, places life, humans, and the Earth at the heart of its mission. As a member of the IUCN and an important scientific contributor to biodiversity research topics, we will participate in on-site events for the congress, on September 3-11, at the Parc Chanot Exhibition and Convention Centre in Marseille.


From September 4-9, we will be "Under the Biodiversity Dome", an exhibition including other partners.

September 4

Growing biodiversity, with the participation of Thierry Caquet, Scientific Director at INRAE –Reimagine, 12.45pm-2.15pm

September 5

Growing biodiversity together; on the way to COP 15, Convention on Biological Diversity, with the participation of Jean-François Soussana, INRAE’s Vice President of International policy and Thierry Caquet, INRAE’s Scientific Director - French Pavilion 5.45pm-6.15pm

September 6

Nature-based solutions to prevent natural hazards in France , with the participation of Freddy Rey Research Director and Joana Guerrin, INRAE - Exhibition hall, 11.30am-12am

How to improve biodiversity monitoring and conservation using DNA technologies, from genes to communities – with the participation of Aurore Desgroux, INRAE, for the French Commission on Forest Genetic Resources of IUCN - Exhibition hall,  4pm-5.30pm

September 7

How can the land sector help to boost biodiversity and food security while helping to fight climate change? Science has some key messages for us- with the participation of Claire Weill, International Relations Department of INRAE - Campus Sessions of the Forum, 8.30am-10.30am

September 8

The Mediterranean Forest in the face of Climate Changes, with the participation of Caroline Scotti-Saintagne, INRAE -  Exhibition Hall, 2pm-3pm

Conserving tree genetic diversity for forests and humans , with the participation of Aurore Desgroux, Alexis Ducousso, Bruno Fady and François Lefevre, INRAE - Exhibition hall, 4pm-4.45pm

Panel discussion on Business and Research partnerships for the restauration of ecosystems, with the participation of Jean-Philippe Nabot, President of the Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur INRAE regional centre - French Pavilion, 12.45pm 

September 10

Lecture on plant species adaptation to fires in the Mediterranean region by Anne Ganteaume, Research Director, INRAE - Under the Biodiversity Dome, 10.30am


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