29 31 October 2024


Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Wastewater Reuse

The Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Wastewater Reuse (REUSE Euromed 2024) will be held from 29 to 31 October in Montpellier. It will bring together researchers, water professionals, policy-makers and experts on the topic of wastewater reuse. The aim of the conference is to share the experiences and viewpoints of these different players on Reuse in the Mediterranean and Europe, in terms of feedback (success stories but also analysis of failures), outlook and different methodological approaches linked to the design, operationalization and evaluation of Reuse projects.

illustration Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Wastewater Reuse


Throughout the Mediterranean region, as well as in continental Europe, water needs are evolving due to the effects of climate change: decreases in precipitation and increases in temperatures require us to rethink water management models, both in quantity and quality, for all human (agriculture, drinking water, industry) and non-human activities (flow and quality of watercourses).

Wastewater from human activities is now considered as often underutilized or misused resources, both quantitatively (for a better water reuse) and qualitatively (for an increased reuse of its fertilizing elements and for the limitation of direct discharges into the environment).

However, like any modification of the water cycle, implementing solutions that promote shorter cycles, wastewater reuse, and more broadly, so-called "non-conventional" waters, impact the environment to varying degrees, especially aquatic environments and our societies. It is therefore necessary to consider Reuse projects as a component among others of the integrated management of water resources, concomitantly with measures aiming to promote sobriety.


The conference aims to share experiences and viewpoints of different stakeholders on wastewater reuse (Reuse) in the Mediterranean and in Europe, whether in terms of practical feedbacks (success stories as well as analysis of failures), prospective studies and various new methodological approaches related to the design, implementation and evaluation of Reuse projects.


The conference focuses on the multiple uses related to the reuse of treated wastewater and "non-conventional" waters at various scales, from individual households to territories:

  • rainwater and greywater for uses at the residential and neighborhood level
  • wastewater from treatment plants for agricultural irrigation or urban purposes to clean or green cities and fight against heat islands
  • drainage water for irrigation
  • water for agro-industrial and agro-food uses.



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