19 October 30 November 2021 15h00 - 17h30 Ended

Webinar Series

3rd International Symposium on Microgenomics 2021 Webinar Series

Today's challenge: understanding and analysing molecular targets within a given cell type in the tissue environment or liquid biopsies - isolating cells, extracellular vesicles (EV) or molecules - working on very small quantities of biological material. The aim of the symposium is to bring internationally renowned experts in the field together and offer an overview of the present knowledge for obtaining high quality cells, extracellular vesicles (EV) or molecules whether in plants, animals or humans.

illustration 3rd International Symposium on Microgenomics 2021 Webinar Series

October 19th
Webinar “New Advances in Sampling Methods”
Chairman: Lance Liotta (USA) & Claudia Bevilacqua (France)

- “Tissue spatially resolved molecular profiling for personalized oncology", Lance Liotta (USA)
- “Cerebral Organoids: Creating a Solid Foundation to Study Human Disease", Amanda Kedaigle (USA) 
- “Analysis of immune and inflammatory signaling in colonic microadenomas", Daniel Rosenberg (USA) 
- “Profiling the tissue microenvironment with laser-capture microdissection and Smart-3SEQ” , Joe Foley (USA) 

November 9th
Webinar  “Circulating Biomarkers & Extracellular Vesicles"
Chairpersons: Michael Pfaffl (Germany) & Patrice Martin (France)

November 23rd
Webinar  "Single-Cell Analytics"
Chairpersons: Mikael Kubista (Czech Republic) & Pamela Pinzani (Italy) 

November 30th
Webinar  "New Approaches for Microgenomics Analyses"
Chairpersons: Daan Noordermeer (France) & Alexandra Whale (UK)

For more information and the exact program: https://microgenomics.symposium.inrae.fr/

Registration: from 13 September 2021 to 28 November 2022

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