18 20 October 2023 Ended


1st French Zebrafish Meeting

The zebrafish scientific community of Montpellier, in collaboration with ViewPoint Behavior Technology, is pleased to announce the 1st French Zebrafish Meeting. It will be held from October 18-20, 2023 at the Institute Agro Montpellier. This meeting encourages network and collaborations amongst all scientists whose past, current and future projects use zebrafish and other fish species. The aim is to stimulate exchanges and visibility on all these projects, at a national level.

illustration 1st French Zebrafish Meeting

Topics will include cell biology and development, cancer, neurobiology and neuroscience, ageing and metabolism, infection and immunity, ecotoxicology and the environment, regeneration and genetic diseases.  
There will also be two training sessions: one focusing on zootechnics (cryopreservation, environmental enrichment, link between diet and zootechnical performance), the other entitled 3R applied to zebrafish models.

Information: https://www.frenchzebrafishmeeting.fr/
Registration: https://www.frenchzebrafishmeeting.fr/registration


Christelle Langevin Director Rodents and fish experimental unit - INRAE