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The Laboratory of Excellence LabEx ARBRE was awarded support from the 2012 French initiative "Investments for the Future". Its overarching goal is to understand the mechanisms that govern the evolution of forest ecosystems, to predict their responses to global changes in the medium and long term and to develop management techniques adapted to ensure their sustained ability to produce quality goods and services in a changing environment.

Published on 25 August 2014

illustration The LabEx ARBRE
© Christophe Maître

The main research objectives of ARBRE* are to further the understanding of biological, ecological and evolutionary processes that affect interactions between organisms in temperate forest ecosystems, and to develop new approaches to address key questions related to nutrient cycling, carbon storage and cycling, forest productivity, wood products, ecosystem services and sustainable forest management. We are implementing a wide range of disciplines – from genomics to functional ecology and economics – to understand, monitor and predict community structures, dynamics and processes in forest ecosystems.

The operational objectives of the LabEx are (1) to improve our basic knowledge of the biology of forest trees and associated microorganisms, and of the functional ecology of forest ecosystems and (2), to offer sector professionals the necessary tools and bioindicators to facilitate balanced forest management. The research will, as well, aim to optimize the use of forest products, whether they are related to wood or ecosystem services (carbon storage, biodiversity, water quality).

The most anticipated practical objectives are:

  • to develop and disseminate tools for improved forest management, sustainability and transformation in response to climatic changes,
  • to boost valuation of ecosystem services for greater economic viability of forest management practices,
  • to provide decision makers with information and forecasts on qualitative and quantitative forest development, from the global scale to the national level, and
  • to improve and diversify uses for wood and derivative wood products.

In addition to research currently being conducted in our labs on these themes related to our axes of research (ecosystems, organisms, materials), LabEx ARBRE aims to develop more integrative innovative approaches both in terms of practical application and sector involvement. The goal is to be able to offer industry professionals tools to improve how forests are managed and to optimize how forest products are used and to contribute to the broader development of social, economic, and regulatory policies related to forest sciences and innovation in France, focusing on biodiversity.

This federative project includes disciplines as diverse as biology, ecology, engineering sciences and forestry and involves a scientific community of about 300 people.


*LabEx ARBRE (Advanced Research on the Biology of Tree and Forest Ecosystems) is implemented by University of Lorraine and is managed jointly by INRAE, AgroParis Tech, the French National Forestry Office (ONF), the National Center of Forest Ownership (CNPF), the Regional Center of Innovation and Technology Transfer (CRITT) for the timber industries and the European Forest Institute (EFI).

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Francis Martin Scientific director of LabEx ARBREUS1371 TREE Advanced Research on Tree Biology and Forest Ecosystems

Pascale Frey-Klett Project Manager

Elodie-Denise Ripamonti In charge of management